Poland Part III: Day 6

Our journey through Poland to commemorate 75 years since the Holocaust has been moving & profound. There is such complicated and tragic history of the Jewish people here, but there is also joy and music and hope. We will return again. Dziękuję Bardzo – Thank You, my friends.

“My grandchildren are the proof that Hitler did not succeed,” said David Wisnia, Cantor, Auschwitz survivor.

“During the Holocaust, my grandfather experienced a lot of horror and torture, and also the most devastating loneliness. He lost his whole family,” Avi said. So it was particularly meaningful for his family members to be return with him to Poland, 75 years later. “He will never need to know what that feels like again. He will always have his family, and we will always be there for him.” … [READ MORE]

#MyPolishWisnia: The Documentary

As my grandfather returned to Poland 75 years later, this talented crew has been filming him and the family as we rediscover our history. Stay tuned for director Sara Taksler’s film, coming later next year.