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Return to Poland for Auschwitz 75

3 weeks ago


Avi Wisnia and his grandfather, David S. Wisnia – cantor and Auschwitz survivor, return to Poland to commemorate 75 years since the Holocaust; together, they will visit Warsaw, Krakow, and the site of Auschwitz itself; the trip will also feature programs and concert events led by David and Avi Wisnia, with stories about the Holocaust and music that they will perform together. Follow their journey and the travelog #MyPolishWisnia at

Avi Wisnia and David Wisnia perform at the
POLIN MUSEUM in Warsaw on January 24 (INFO)

Read about my grandfather’s incredible story and his memoir:

Read about our previous travels in Poland:

Watch David Wisnia sing at the 70th Anniversary International Auschwitz Commemoration in Poland:

BuzzFeed Video ‘How I Survived The Holocaust’:



and a happy kazoo year

4 weeks ago


Happy New Year!
more love, more kazoo, in 2020


wish you a what now


this photo captures the exact moment in my life when I realized I know absolutely zero words to “we wish you a merry christmas” except the words in the title.

but i do, wish you a Merry Christmas 🎁🎄


Holiday Sale


Happy #CyberMonday!

Buy something for someone you love,
or for someone who just makes you feel kinda meh.

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Musician On Call


i’m excited for my first night as an official volunteer performer with Musicians On Call, bringing music to the bedside of patients in hospitals all over Philadelphia. #MusicHeals



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