Avi Wisnia & Jennings On Tour

It may still be Passover, but I just celebrated Easter on a peach farm in Georgia. I pretended I was Moses parting the Sea of Corn, from a tractor. Enjoy that visual. (Visit the AW Facebook Page for the actual visual.)  I’m on tour right now with the lovely and talented JENNINGS. We’ve already made stops in Towson, MD and Raleigh, NC. This is my first time in the deep South, and Jennings promises that amazing fried chicken is right around the corner. (I’m seriously holding her to that.) In the meantime, we are getting ready for some killer shows on the rest of this tour. See the full schedule below – and definitely help spread the word and come join us in the following cities:

Gainesville, GA
Nashville, TN
Washington, DC
Baltimore, MD

For you Facebookers, here is the event link:

The Big Spring Tour keeps on expanding! Keep up with the latest tour info by clicking the TOUR tab (top right), and if you have recommendations for good fried chicken along the way – i’ll take them.