Fly Me To Brazil

I can already tell you what one of my 2011 highlights will be, and if you have been following along on The Twitter and The Facebook, you know what it is, too.  I leave later this week to spend a month in Brazil!  I am taking some time to find a little inspiration in the birthplace of Bossa Nova, meeting new people, learning new songs and performing a few shows.  (Trust me, I will fit some beach time in there somewhere.)  I’ll be splitting my time between Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro.  I can’t tell you how excited I am to return to Brazil and to play my first ever international shows!  Check out the dates on the tour page, including some updated upcoming US dates, and stay tuned right here to The Blog.  I’ll be updating it from Brazil to keep you posted on all my adventures down there.

I have also added some new stuff to the website.  Recent updates include the brand new Avi Wisnia Webstore where you can buy the new album, Tshirts, kazoos, etc.  You can also check the Gallery for new pics, radio interviews, and videos.  Poke around, there’s more.

Ok, tchau everyone!  I will be thinking about all you East Coasters under the snow while I’m lying on the beach in Rio 😉