Wisnias in Concert

Music is the through-line of my grandfather’s life. Music made him famous as a child singing in Warsaw. Music saved his life as a prisoner in the Nazi concentration camps. Music helped him establish roots and community in the United States. Music is the story, the pain and joy wrapped in tradition and memory, that he has passed along to me.

Come hear his story in music, with a concert event that we will perform together, including a song he composed while a prisoner in Auschwitz that I translated into English.

Thursday Sept 19 at Wissahickon Valley Public Library
free, and open to the public
seating is limited, reservations recommended to attend
program details and RSVP at www.aviwisnia.com/tour

Read about my grandfather’s incredible story and his memoir: www.OneVoiceTwoLives.com

Read my blog about our recent travels in Poland: www.mypolishwisnia.com

Watch David Wisnia sing at the 70th Anniversary International Auschwitz Commemoration in Poland: http://youtu.be/ONGl0sML5OY

and… Featured on BuzzFeed Video ‘How I Survived The Holocaust’: https://youtu.be/pcc8xCZ35KI