Poland Day 7

On the train back to Warsaw with My Polish Wisnia‬.

I am still sorting through a lot of emotions and thoughts after spending time in Auschwitz. My grandfather had taken me 11 years ago as well, but this time has been different. I am feeling more of a connection to Poland itself. I am feeling more connected to the family I never knew as my grandfather points out all of his memories. Perhaps this is bound to happen when the blood of your family is still so fresh in the ground.

Pickled cabbage, baked rolled chicken, and kluski.
This plate could not possibly be any more Polish.

KLUSKI [KLOO-skee] pl noun: generic Polish name for all kinds of soft, mushy dumplings, usually without a filling; distinct from pierogi and stand-alone pasta dishes; there are many different types of kluski, differing in basic ingredients and preparation method (singular: klusek or kluska)
usage: “I’m up to my kluskis in kluski.”


Dirty Jokes & Apple Juice.
My grandfather knows how to throw a dinner party.