Pumped Up Passover Parody Video

Spring has sprung, and I’m feeling particularly Sprangy.  The great Jewliday of Passover is upon us, and you are not supposed to eat any bread/bread-products for a week, or even have them in your house.  So, being the good Jew that I am, I spent all last night eating every cookie & cake I could find in my house. You’re welcome, Judaism!  If you’re up on the facebook & twitter machines, you know that I led a songwriting workshop with some Jewish students this month, where they wrote some amazing Passover Parodies.  We all came together to perform one, and you can watch it HERE.  The link is not posted publicly, but feel free to share.

Pumped Up Passover ParodyWatch Videohttp://youtu.be/c8s1izMzWeE