Coloring In The Music of Catching Leaves with Music Historia

We first spoke 10 years ago when my debut album came out. I recently reunited with Patricia Trutescu of Music Historian to discuss my newest album Catching Leaves and what’s changed since our last interview (…a lot!)

You’re invited to sit in on our chat:

“Welcoming Avi back to Music Historian to talk about his journey in completing Catching Leaves seemed fitting. I first invited Avi Wisnia to an interview with me back in January 2012 and featured this interview in a full-length written story. Now, in January 2022, I bring Avi on to a video interview to share the life experiences and changes that have helped color the songs on his album and impact his life and musicianship.

Each musician’s experience with songwriting and composition differs. Performers may choose to allow their music to reflect experiences that have impacted their lives. One of the beauties in listening to an artist’s different albums is noticing the change and evolution of the music between the records. This reflects my experience with listening to Avi Wisnia’s new studio album Catching Leaves.”

Read more at The Music Historian and click to watch the full interview.