Best Jew Ever

Best Week Ever picked up on this video!

“It’s that time of year when Jews hunker down for the High Holy holidays. Rosh Hashanah has passed and Yom Kippur begins tonight, meaning we’ve already celebrated the New Year, and tomorrow will be all about staving off inevitable halitosis as we fast until sundown so that we can atone for our sins. If that already doesn’t already sound like a blast, bear in mind that the music played throughout services at synagogue services all sounds like one long death march left on the cutting room floor of Andrew Lloyd Webber‘s in-house studio.

But for some lucky Jewish kids at Temple Shalom, they might very well have a good time on their hands, at least if Avi Wisnia stops by. The musician already made Rosh Hashanah pretty sweet (no pun intended) (oh yeah, we eat honey on Rosh Hashanah) when he turned Lady Gaga‘s “Bad Romance” into a ch’adorable Jewwed-up singalong.

So who knows what will come with tomorrow’s festivities? One thing’s for sure, though: one verse in, and everyone’s breath is gonna REEK (#jewproblems).”