Featured Interview in Buzz Music

Featured in Buzz Music: “Avi Wisnia Reminds Us To Live In The Moment With Catching Leaves”

“Just in time for fall, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and recording artist Avi Wisnia releases his sweet-sounding and tender single. Catching Leaves reminds us to live in the moment with sweet hints of jazz and roots.  The instrumentals are effortlessly cinematic and well-rounded, allowing us to explore Wisnia’s vast creative abilities.”

Buzz Music Feature Interview with Avi Wisnia Catching Leaves

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Avi Wisnia. What a peaceful and refreshing piece you’ve delivered with your recent single, “Catching Leaves.” What inspired you to write this particular song?

I was sitting in one of my favorite parks in South Philly as I was putting this song together. I was experiencing a lot of loss in my life, so I was coming from a very sad and melancholy place. As the breeze picked up, I watched the leaves move and I realized I wanted to write a song that felt and sounded like that. Grasping for inspiration can be a lot like trying to catch leaves in the wind. Catching Leaves is ultimately about chasing inspiration.
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