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Something New

cinnamon was seated by a shady tree
waiting for the breeze to roll by
she had everyone down on their hands and knees
searching for a piece of her time

now all the lonely people
they couldn’t bear with seeing her frown
and she never noticed yeah sure they could stop
but they’d miss the pain of bending down

everyday is the same as tomorrow
and every tomorrow is yesterday’s news
that’s cause we’re always singing the same old song
i guess it’s time for something new

cinnamon worked in a movie studio
that’s where she fell in love with Joe how it happened I don’t know
he was a boom operatah, a boom operatah

they’re making a sequel with the same plot as the first
only with different actors saying the lines
if there’s anything i’ve learned he says
it’s that only the weak survive

joe left cinnamon later that month
because he couldn’t pick her out in the crowd
he couldn’t find her latte in the sea of frappucinos
so he left her there to figure it out

go on now Joe walk out the door
don’t turn around now cause you’ll only cry
you’ve got to pull out on that high road get yourself to kinkos
and buy a box to think outside

it was saturday in the car
and joe was kicking his dust to the wind
with the windows down the unfiltered air will take him
wherever he’s never been

all he had was this tune in his head
but not knowing how to make it his
and as he drives into the sunset every single station sings to him how
ironic it is

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