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Pass Over

Pass Over is a stand-alone single release from singer/songwriter Avi Wisnia, recorded with Shawn Fogel of Golden Bloom. “I wrote this song one summer at an outdoor folk festival in upstate NY, while caught in a downpour, waiting for a raging storm to pass so we could start making music again. In that moment, I wanted a song we could all sing together to help coax out the sunshine. It ended up being so much bigger than that moment, it became a sing-along anthem for dark days and knowing that better times are ahead.” (2016)

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This dark cloud will soon pass over
This dark cloud will soon pass over
This dark cloud will pass,
And there will be sun, sun, sun

A storm’s about to appear
And not a thing will be dry
But the skies, they always clear
It’s just a matter of time

We’re stuck, with nowhere to go
It’s quite a disheartening thing
But instead of getting low
Let’s get together and sing

I see you’re feeling blue
Life’s not how you want it to be
So until the sun shines through
You can sing along with me

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