Sky Blue Sky Liner Notes


Composition: Avi Wisnia
Arrangement: Avi Wisnia + Bruno Migliari
Produced by: Bruno Migliari (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Avi Wisnia + Daniel Harris Levine (Philadelphia, USA)

Avi Wisnia: Vocals, Melodica and Fender Rhodes Electric Piano.
Bruno Migliari: Acoustic Bass, Fender Rhodes Electric Piano, additional Percussion and Effects.
Bernardo Bosisio: Acoustic Guitar and Cavaquinho.
Marco Lobo: Percussion (Cajon, Snare, Cymbals, Pandeiro, Congas, Triangle, Shakers).

Recording Engineers
Bruno Migliari: Rhythm Section (Percussion, Bass, Guitar, Cavaquinho, Electric Piano and Effects); recording sessions held at 8VB Studio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Daniel Harris Levine: Vocals, Melodica and Electric Piano; recording sessions held in Avi’s Kitchen and Daniel’s Closet, Philadelphia, USA.

Mixing and Mastering Engineers
Bruno Migliari: mixing at 8VB Studio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Mark Dann: mastering at Mark Dann Recording, New York, USA.

Artwork: Liz Kushner

All rights reserved ©2015 Avi Wisnia Mo Show Publishing

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