Thank You For Coming To See How Saba Kept Singing

THANK YOU to the towns, schools, theaters and places of worship around the world that have hosted our family Holocaust documentary How Saba Kept Singing this year. You have welcomed me into your diverse communities and welcomed my Saba’s story into your hearts, and I am forever grateful.

I’ve found that the most helpful and productive conversations are the ones that happen in person – though no less painful, difficult or upsetting. There is immense power in sharing our stories. And there is a reason why we still need community, that real in-person exchange.

Sharing our stories with each other, our personal family histories, what we have experienced and what we are currently going through, is the most direct path to understanding. We all want to be heard. We all need to listen. We should all be afforded that space.

I learned from my grandfather that there are some things so horrible, so traumatic, you never move on from them. But you can find a way to move forward. I strongly believe that sharing our stories with each other is a way to guide us forward.

Thank you for sharing in my grandfather’s story of survival. I hope it encourages you to share your stories too.

There will be more screenings and documentary programs coming up in the fall. Check out the TOUR PAGE for cities as they are added.

Since the PBS premiere of our film How Saba Kept Singing, I had the privilege of speaking to and singing with students all across the country this year.  and sharing my grandfather’s songs of survival continues to spark meaningful discussion and difficult questions. I have been met with open minds and hearts at every school, and I’m so impressed with the young people – their desire to know, and their depth of compassion.

Towards the end of his life, when my grandfather felt comfortable enough to tell his story, the audiences he loved engaging the most were always the students. From generation to generation, it continues.


St. Joseph’s Academy – St. Louis, MO
Elmwood High School – Bloomdale, OH
The Masters School – Dobbs Ferry, NY
Pine View High School – Osprey, FL
Montclair State University NJ
PUC Rio University Brazil

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The award-winning documentary “How Saba Kept Singing” tells the story of how singer David “Saba” Wisnia survived the Holocaust and how his journey back to Poland with his grandson Avi Wisnia unlocks the secret about someone else who had a hand in his survival. The soundtrack features music by both David Wisnia and Avi Wisnia, plus a brand new original song composed for the film. Directed by Sara Taksler, and executive produced by Hillary and Chelsea Clinton. Screenings include discussion with Avi Wisnia, and a special live musical performance. Experience this powerful film, which explores themes of faith, family, and resilience, the persistence of discrimination and the power of music, and the urgency of telling these stories today.

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