How To Watch “How Saba Kept Singing”

The feature documentary about my family
“How Saba Kept Singing” is now available EVERYWHERE! 

You can find the full version available to stream on YouTube.

Watch the documentary trailer:

Watch the full documentary:

This is the Director’s Cut (79min), the same version that has been screened in theaters, with over 20 additional minutes that could not fit on TV for the PBS broadcast – this version includes more songs, music by both me and my Saba, more details, more context, and a pretty decent joke about a first-class banana.

After the premiere on PBS, the producers at Retro Report have decided this story is too important and should be accessible to everyone. And we agree.

I hope everyone gets to see this film, to take it in to your hearts, to think about it and talk about it, and to meet my Saba. If you missed it on PBS, or if you just want to see it again and SHARE it – now you can!

The world needs to hear this story. Watch it HERE.

“Musician David “Saba” Wisnia believed that he survived the horrors of Auschwitz by entertaining the Nazi guards with his beautiful singing voice. Join David and his grandson Avi Wisnia as the pair embark on a journey exploring the mystery of Saba’s past and discover that someone unexpected may have had a hand in saving his life.”
Directed by Sara Taksler, and produced by Hillary Rodham Clinton and Chelsea Clinton.

Teachers! Educators! Community Leaders!

“How Saba Kept Singing” is now available with Education Resources, Lessons Plans, Film Clips and Discussion Guides – along with short clips and the film itself. Consider incorporating the documentary into your curriculum this year. Join the journey with my grandfather to learn about the Holocaust.

Access everything for free:

david avi wisnia at auschwitz sauna building

Classroom resources accompanying Retro Report’s documentary “How Saba Kept Singing” will help students gain a deeper understanding of life at the Auschwitz Nazi concentration camp; explore the connections in music, humanity and perseverance; and examine how anti-Semitism has evolved through modern history.” Resources are divided up by age group, theme, and activity.

Please share this link with your friends, educators, school districts and communities.
Let us make sure that future generations Never Forget. 

Saba Avi Quote Card 3

You can find all education resources and read more about the film HERE.

Wisnia Family watch party How Saba Kept Singing

The Wisnias had a Watch Party for the National PBS Premiere of our family feature documentary
How Saba Kept Singing.
Thank you for watching with us!!

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