Toronto Premiere, Canada Debut

Our film is Here!

The documentary about how my grandfather David Wisnia survived the Holocaust & our recent journey back to Poland as a family is here, making its world premiere at the Hot Docs International Festival! “How Saba Kept Singing” features music by my Saba and me, plus an original song I wrote for the film.

When the director Sara Taksler told us about the premiere in Toronto, she invited our family to attend. How often does a film about your family get a premiere? So here we are, in Canada, and the family will attend the first screening on Sun May 1, with a special live music performance that will immediately follow the film.

Stay tuned for more information about screenings and festival appearances coming up in the next few months. This is just the beginning of the journey for this film! Eventually, we will all be able to watch “How Saba Kept Singing” together soon.

For those of you who knew my grandfather, for those of you who have been following our journey together over the past few years, you know how important this story is. My grandfather at first did not speak openly about his experience surviving the horrors of the Holocaust. But towards the end of his life, he found it important and necessary to talk about it. Although he passed away last summer, he was able to know that his story will be immortalized on film, able to reach a wider audience, a global audience. His story, his legacy, his voice will live on. I miss him every day, and while all of this is very overwhelming and emotional, I look forward to seeing him again, alive and singing, on a big screen. I’m excited for everyone to get to know my Saba.

For more information about how to view #HowSabaKeptSinging at the HotDocs festival in Toronto (screenings May 1, May 6, May 8), visit:

For more on David’s story of survival:
For more about Avi’s music and travels with his grandfather:

Canada Debut!

Join me for my very first concert in Canada,
Live at the Drom Taberna venue in Toronto!
Monday, May 2, 10:30pm
Avi Wisnia performs 2 sets at the Drom Taberna grand piano.