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Sky Blue Sky“…

“Listen to Sky Blue Sky, the samba-inspired new track by Avi Wisnia. The song was inspired by his time in Philadelphia and Rio de Janeiro, and combines a Brazilian samba rhythm and flavor with folk-like strings that sound beautiful together.” – Dylan Otero, 88.5 WXPN The Key

“Sky Blue Sky seamlessly blends jazz, pop, and Brazilian rhythms in intricate layers. The instruments in the background, which include the Brazilian pandeiro and cavaquinho, provide the backbone of the song and support Wisnia’s very calming, jazzy voice. Close your eyes and listen to the waves and birds as the song comes to a close; it’s as if you are sunbathing on the Jersey shore, or better yet, Brazilian shores.” – Lauren Silvestri, Rock On Philly

“The talented Philly artist’s brand new track, “Sky Blue Sky,” will make you want to get in your car and head to the beach. Immediately.” – Geo, Jump Philly

“The new single is a gentle, meditative, and warm bossa nova inspired blend; a unique song that will surely invoke a memory of a mellow summer’s day. The easy vocals, along with great instrumental work, make for a rich and calming musical experience.” –  Jeremy Price-Ballew, Loud & Proud 

“Sky Blue Sky guides listeners down a jazzy path. Avi takes a strong step forward in musical expansion with this new song.” – Patricia Trutestcu, Music Historian

“Sky Blue Sky is the perfect soundtrack for the fleeting days of summer, an awesome summer-lover-cozy-chill track from one of our favorite artists Avi Wisnia. Sky Blue Sky is saturated with his silky voice and Brazilian jazz goodness. It’s a light one that floats around in the atmosphere before landing squarely in your heart. Reminiscent of music by Bebel Gilberto, Stan Getz and Antonio Carolos Jobim, the breezy bossanova of Sky Blue Sky transcends geographical borders and captures the promise of possibility as clear as a blue summer sky.” – Mut Asheru,  KnowShi Magazine


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