#SkyBlueSky Recording in Philadelphia

and now for the Philadelphia Phase of recording my new single,
Sky Blue Sky

Heeeeeeeere’s Danny!

Daniel Harris Levine – musician, illustrator, facial hair and buffalo chicken aficionado – has arrived to help me record some vocals for my new song in my kitchen in sweet ol’ Philadelphia.

We found the best place to record the melodica…

This is what The Kids would call: a Pop-Up Studio. Otherwise known as: My Living Room.

3am Snapshot: putting the finishing touches on Sky Blue Sky with Daniel Harris Levine and some Fender Rhodes electric piano in my kitchen. One of us is wide awake.

Sky Blue Sky has been recorded! Musical success.
And now to put all the tracks together, across land and sea, from Philadelphia to Rio de Janeiro. Sending it back over to producer Bruno Migliari.

Brazil, the ball is back in your court.

Daniel Harris Levine, thank you for your technical expertise and excellent ears, and converting my apartment into a recording studio. How much do you love Philadelphia?

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