Announcing Summer Festivals

It’s a good day for an outdoor concert, don’t you think?

You’ll get plenty of chances to catch me and the band performing under a sky blue sky (new song reference!) this summer.

I love nothing more than performing outdoors, surrounded by gourmet food trucks and people blowing bubbles from blankets splayed out on the grass.  You’ll have plenty of chance to blow bubbles with me in July and August.  I’m happy to announce our participation in festivals like the Gilroy Garlic Festival in CA, Avalonfest in WV, Musikfest in PA, The Black Potatoe Fest in NJ, and officially announcing… SUMMERFEST in Milwaukee, WI, performing alongside headliners like Aerosmith, Kelly Clarkson, Foo Fighters, and Neil Diamond!  Check for full details and to get your tickets in advance to these events, and many more!