I’m All Over The Place

Happy Mad Marchness!

It’s been a mild winter in my neck of the woods, but as we made our way through Connecticut last night, we were greeted by the nicest of New England flurries.  A nice way to start our little tour-lette of CT, RI and MA.  Having made a New London, CT record store appearance last night (and jamming in our host’s basement recording studio), we’ve been kept plenty warm.  See: Toru in a Blanket

I also want to thank everybody that came to see us at The Philadelphia Museum of Art last week – what a magical night. We’re compiling some cool video. In the meantime, you can see photos of the band in that incredible space at www.facebook.com/aviwisniamusic.

And if you missed our performance of SINK on NBC’s The 10! Show, miss no more! Watch it below.

Avi Wisnia Performs “SINK” on NBC’s The 10! Show

New England Tour-lette
Toru and I are hopping around New England, bringing sweet sweet music to the masses.  All shows are FREE, so come join us: tonight in Rhode Island, Saturday in Cape Cod, and Sunday at the awesome Outer Space near New Haven, CT.

Sunday Jazz Series
Presents: Avi Wisnia

Sunday, March 4
5:00pm – 6:00pm

295 Treadwell Street
Hamden, CT

No Cover; Open to All Ages

And Then Some
I’m also returning to Austin, TX for South By SouthWest next week and Cape May, NJ for the Singer Songwriter Festival at the end of March.  See the updated schedule and full details at www.aviwisina.com/tour including new dates like The American Folk Art Museum in NYC.  I’ve also got some great summer music festival announcements in the works.  If you know of any museums with music series or summer music festivals near you that you think we should play, let me know! I want to bring the music to you!

Also, I’m making a quick stop in Jacksonville, Florida for a college booking conference in March. Who wants to grab lunch?