PHOTOS WANTED – Be A Part of My Next Video

I’m releasing a brand new holiday single. I can’t tell you too much about it. yet. But it is in honor of Hannukah, it will be released around Thanksgiving, and it’s a little different from songs I have released so far.  I’m making a little video for the single, and I want you to be in it.  Want to be part of my next video?!  I’m looking for holiday photos of YOU!  You opening presents, you playing in the snow, you and your family in big sweaters!!!, old photos, new photos, take a photo just for this video! If you celebrate Hanukkah – send a picture of you and your menorah, your dreidle, your latkes, your rabbi. We’re equal opportunity here. You and your photo do not have to be Jewish related at all, but it should refer in some way to the holiday season, winter, cozy family/friend time, happiness, etc.

Send any photo you like to AWFanPhotos [at] gmail [dot] com at it will end up in the video!