Freakin’ Weekend Video: Rabbi Gaga

When your father is a rabbi, you spend a lot of time in synagogue (mostly eating his office candy and spinning in his office chair).  Combine that with spending the past few years day-jobbing as a songleader, and you could say I am quite familiar with Jew Tunes.  So I will occassionally still get in front of a big group of Jews to lead them in song.  Such an occassion happened last week when I was asked to songlead some young Jews at a temple in Newton, MA for the big Jewliday of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.  Naturally, the kids did not want Jew Tunes.  They only wanted to sing Lady Gaga.  What ended up happening was that we turned a Gaga song into a Jewish New Year song.  The students were awesome and even came up with some of their own hand-motions. The temple happens to have some of that footage, and they posted it to YouTube…

Watch Video Now

I hope you enjoyed that.  Send it to someone you love, and wish them a Sha-ShaNa ToVah.  This is the first in a series I am calling Avi’s Freakin’ Weekend Videos (named in honor of a choice R Kelly lyric).  Every Friday this fall I will send you a link to a new video featuring a new Avi song, recently uploaded live footage, or unearthed Avi gem.  We will conquer YouTube yet.

First person to reply with the correct R Kelly song featuring the lyric “freakin’ weekend” gets a FREE AW Tshirt!!  NO JOKE!  FOR REALS! No, i will not think less of you if you do not know the answer off hand. In fact, you will win some respect.