Happy Heat Wave

Happy Heat Wave!  Winter may have been a snowfest, but Summer is starting early.  And I’ve got a few ways to help you celebrate.  I just finished my most extensive bit of touring yet this year – i’m spent and my clothes are smelly – but i could not be more thrilled to have performed in so many new cities across the country and to have met so many amazing new people.  While i go put in another load of laundry, check out some of the wonderful things that have been going on, and some other upcoming excitements on the website tour page.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who came out to see my performances with the amazing Brazilian artist Denise Reis in NYC and Philadelphia. We had such an incredible time.  Thank you for making these shows a huge success and coming out to support our collaboration.  You can watch our NBC performance of “The Back of Your Hand” online.

Check out the video herehttp://bit.ly/jAI6jI

I think my fourth load of laundry is almost done.  I’ll be back on tour in August just in time to get my clothes dirty again, doing a small run around a few cities.  Let me know where you’d like me to go!  Stay cool and stay tuned.