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Avi's Debut Album, Something New, is available now!


Philly’s Finest Finalists


I was just named a finalist in the PHL Live Center Stage competition! which means i’ll be performing on stage with some of Philadelphia’s best musicians. come cheer me on Monday Nov 26, at The Voltage Lounge <more info>


The Barnes Museum Philadelphia


Avi Wisnia performs at The Barnes Museum Philadelphia. He will present two showcases of original music, plus the premiere of a multi-media performance piece featuring the music of his grandfather, renown cantor and Holocaust survivor David S. Wisnia.

Art For All is an afternoon of performances and talks by local Philadelphia artists, curated by Small but Mighty Arts; this showcase includes dance, music, and films that celebrate our collective ability to create, challenge, and change; admission is free, and visitors have access to the collection and Berthe Morisot exhibition; this entire event is 1pm – 4pm, Avi Wisnia presents two showcases of original music and compelling storytelling, 2:45 pm & 3:35 pm

Sunday, November 4
this event is free and open to all ages

visit the tour page for more information


Live From Oscar Hammerstein’s Living Room


Tune in to my first ever Facebook Live event!

Stream this concert on Facebook from anywhere in the world as Avi Wisnia performs Live from Oscar Hammerstein’s Living Room, at the Highland Farms piano where classics such as Oklahoma!, Carousel, South Pacific, The King & I and The Sound of Music were written.

Tune in live to
to catch the performance and interview at the piano,
ask questions and comment live!


Japan Tour Part IV


the corner table is reserved for the band.

at Zimagine jazz club in Tokyo.

and when Toru welcomed me on stage, I was prepared:‬

“‪皆さん, こんばんは
‪すみません, 私は日本語を話せません”

[try google translate]

countless times playing with Toru in the US, i’d bring the band back to Yardley Pennsylvania where my mom would feed us after a show. being here in Japan, it is really comforting to know that so many things, like moms feeding musicians at midnight, are universal.

On my last night in japan, Toru told me to come outside quick. The clouds were finally parting and I would have one last chance to see her before I left. Mt Fuji is regularly visible in winter, and only fleetingly in the summer. But if the view of Fuji is clear, if she reveals herself to you, it means good luck.

There are many stories and legends about the highest mountain in Japan, many things that it represents. I read in a few places people who claim that “Fuji is the soul of Japan”. This trip was short, and i mostly experienced Fuji from afar and only briefly. i’ll have to come back to see it more clearly.

Sayonara is a poetic way of saying goodbye. literally translated:
if it is to be that way, if it must be so

thank you to my friends, old and new,
for welcoming me & showing me your country,
for proving that music is truly the universal language.


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Japan Tour Part III


Arrived in Tokyo
i could get used to a room with a view

exploring Tokyo with Toru
it’s the best when you get to let a friend be an unabashed tourist in their own backyard

and as a tourist, i reserve the right to eat tiny little sumo wrestlers
(Harajuku District)

breakfast sushi deserves breakfast sake

at the world’s largest & most famous Tsukiji fish market
乾杯! Cheers! to the best sushi of my life

wandering a silent bamboo forrest

the Tokyo SkyTree is tall.
impossibly tall. indescribable even.
kind of like a, like a,

rainy day tokyo

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