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Avi's Debut Album, Something New, is available now!


Live At Home


Join me for a concert, live from my house!

tune in live:


Save Artists! Buy Music!


TODAY! in an effort to help artists recoup some money from coronavirus-cancelled gigs and tours, Bandcamp is waiving their fees on all music purchased today. This means artists will keep 100% of the sales. Please consider downloading something – including my song Pass Over, which I think serves as a pretty good song to sing during these times.

pay what you want for any of my music. enjoy & share!



Making Music Magazine Featured Video


My music video “Rabbit Hole” was selected as a feature on Making Music Magazine! Watch the video and check out the other great video features HERE.



Songwriters Night Returns


Excited to announce that our concert series is back for Season 2!
It’s a brand new year of amazing singers and songs we can’t wait to share with you.

Avi Wisnia & Aaron Nathans host Songwriters Night, a concert series showcasing some of the best local & touring songwriters. On the first Thursday of every month, come experience a unique night of songs, storytelling and collaboration in one of Philadelphia’s best listening room environments. Check the tour schedule for line ups and information.


Poland Part III: Epilogue


I was born in the United States, but because my grandfather is from Poland, I am also from Poland.

It is the place where the stories of my family have their roots. It is the place where I can trace the beginnings of my own love of music, and the place where my family’s history was ended, cut short when they were murdered in the Warsaw ghetto.

For me and my grandfather, music sustains us. And for my grandfather, it quite literally saved his life. When I hear my grandfather sing, I hear my history come alive, I see the family that I never knew, and I feel the connection to the traditions of a people someone tried to erase. By going on this journey and returning to Poland, with my grandfather and the family that he continued, I honor the past, and I sing for the future.

There are so many more things I want to tell you.
But for now, I encourage you to read my grandfather’s memoir:
and if you want to go back and revisit Poland with us, you can see my previous entries on this blog: #MyPolishWisnia

In Hebrew, when we celebrate, we often say “L’chayim” – “To Life.” Because we know that in the face of being denied the right to exist, the greatest act of defiance is to live.

it’s good to be home.




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