Remembering Rabbi Eric Wisnia

This is my dad. You may recognize this face, smiling at you from the merch table, or sitting front row in the audience. He probably chatted you up in New Jersey, or DC, or California. My dad was an incredible supporter. If he could be at a concert, he always asked if I needed someone to sell CDs. I think he liked sitting at the table because he got to greet everyone. After he retired as a rabbi, he became a professional schmoozer. He was always very good at it. He loved talking to people.
It was a shock when he passed away last month. His heart just gave out – which is ironic, because he always had so much of it to give. I’m glad so many of you got to know him, even if just from attending my shows. I had to cancel a few concerts and events the past few weeks and I thank you for your understanding and giving me that time. I’m looking forward to getting back out on the road to make music again soon. And when I do, I’ll picture my dad there, smiling up at me from the front row, or swaying to the music from his happy place at the merch table.