SABA Screening in Bucks County

“SABA” is coming to Bucks County!
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Join me and my family for a special screening of “How Saba Kept Singing” in our Pennsylvania hometown. The documentary of our journey back to Poland and the story of my grandfather’s survival will be screened at the beautiful Zlock Performing Arts Center, on the Bucks County Community College campus. 

My father will be introducing the film. Following the screening, I will perform a few songs & discuss the music that kept my grandfather alive during the Holocaust. If you have not yet had a chance to experience the full theatrical release of this powerful film, we hope to see you there. This will kick off a nation-wide tour of the film screening.
Thursday, Sept 28
Zlock Performing Arts Center at Bucks County Community College
Doors open at 6:30pm, Film at 7pm.
This event is Free and open to the public. Reserve Tickets Here
More information available at

Read an article about the event in the Newtown Patch:
BCCC Film Documents How Singing Saved Saba From The Holocaust
The film tells the story of how David Wisnia survived the Holocaust and how his recent journey back to Poland with his grandson and family unlocks the secret of someone else who had a hand in his survival. The soundtrack features music by both David Wisnia and Avi Wisnia, plus a brand new original song composed for the film.

Read more about David Wisnia’s story of survival with his memoir ONE VOICE TWO LIVES.

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