What They’re Saying About Catching Leaves

Happy Fall Y’all!

I’m so proud of my album Catching Leaves and I hope you’ve been enjoying it too. Let it be the soundtrack to your Autumn.

Here are some nice things people have been saying about it:

Wisnia writes with a gentle touch, reflecting on love and loss as he crafts a tender ode to living in the moment, to surrendering to forces beyond our control and finding peace in growth, change, and acceptance. A riveting collection.” -Vents Magazine

Effortlessly cinematic and well-rounded, allowing us to explore Wisnia’s vast creative abilities. Catching Leaves reminds us to live in the moment with sweet hints of jazz and roots” -BuzzMusic

Gorgeous and colorful, orchestral and lush, beautiful and enticing.” -Recording Artists Guild

A quite mesmerizingly beautiful new album” -Exclusive Magazine

A reflective piece of work, full of the feelings and the detail of love and loss. Wisnia shows his range and warmth as he sings these contemplative songs. As his voice rises and falls, and as the notes tumble from the piano, it is the lyrical honesty and sincerity in the performance that disarm the listener.” -Andrew Frolish, Americana UK

Avi Wisnia’s new album is a long time in coming and the timing is perfect. His ode to loss and sadness seems perfect for this time of year as well as something we can all relate to. The perfect fall record.” -Luke Poling, Rock and Roll Grad School Podcast

Listen to the album now, available everywhere.