The New Album is out Today! Where to Listen, How To Buy

Catching Leaves, the new album, available now!

After more than 10 years, I’m thrilled to be able to say the words “My new album comes out today.” It’s a collection of songs that have such meaning for me. I hope you fall in love with it. The music is available now to listen, download, buy, and stream – wherever you listen to music. Click the image below.

Want a physical copy with beautiful artwork and liner notes? Click on the photo below or head to the STORE to order a CD, and I will personally mail you an album that you can touch and feel (along with a digital copy).

With Catching Leaves, Avi Wisnia returns with his poignant and long-awaited sophomore release. Produced by acclaimed bassist/conductor Ken Pendergast, the collection is a tender and intimate ode to living in the moment, to surrendering to forces beyond our control and finding peace in growth, change, and acceptance. Wisnia writes with a gentle touch, reflecting on love and loss with a soulful maturity, mixing hints of jazz, roots, and the Great American Songbook together into an organic swell that’s at once beautiful and bittersweet. The result is “a riveting collection” (Vents Magazine) that “reminds us to live in the moment. Effortlessly cinematic and well-rounded, allowing us to explore Wisnia’s vast creative abilities.” (Buzz Music). Catching Leaves is a moving, intimate album shaped by the power of human connection and community, calling to mind everyone from Rufus Wainwright and Teddy Thompson to Ron Sexsmith and Gabriel Kahane as it navigates darkness and doubt, faith and family, pain and resilience.READ MORE…