Americana Highways premieres new song “Heat Lightning”

First Listen! Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Avi Wisnia’s song “Heat Lightning,” from his pending album Catching Leaves, available everywhere on November 5.

“Heat Lightning” is Avi Wisnia on piano and vocals; Erik Sayles on electric guitar; Ken Pendergast on electric bass and electric piano; Chuck Staab on drums; and Jeremy Grenhart and Samantha Rise on background vocals. Wisnia explores the powerful force of memory and the lasting effects of the painful ones in this song. The song itself expands and rises above the tension, and lands squarely in the realm of a memorable song — and makes the good kind of memory this time.

“Heat Lightning” is about that tension you have with the people who are closest to you, the people you share a history with. Old anger and remnants of issues left unresolved can reappear at any moment. When I was a kid up at summer camp, heat lightning was this natural phenomenon that I thought I experienced a lot on those dry summer nights. And I did not realize at the time that those streaking bolts of light were really just remnants of a drifting storm far off in the distance, and not from something close at all. I like playing with the idea of the past being something that still rumbles and reverberates into the present. — Avi Wisnia

Listen to “Heat Lightning” HERE.
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