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My grandfather David S. Wisnia has a remarkable voice, and he uses it to tell his remarkable story. Many thanks to BuzzFeed for producing this video and coming to Pennsylvania to record him singing. The video also features us performing together, with a song my grandfather composed in the Auschwitz concentration camp, which I recently translated into English.

I have learned so much from my grandfather; and though he didn’t speak about his Holocaust experience for many many years, I’m so grateful that he now wants to share his story with the world. Enjoy the music, and listen to this story of survival.

>Read my grandfather’s incredible story and purchase his memoir:

>Read my blog about our recent travels in Poland: #MyPolishWisnia  

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  1. Amy Nelson says:

    I just watched the Buzzfeed piece. Beautiful. What a team you two are. I went to the Holocaust museum in Washington D.C. Wept profusely. I LOVE the last thing the grandfather says at the end – about giving of yourself; you’ll get it back. I live that choice every day as a teacher. It’s exhausting but the only way to go. How can we all help to uncover those REAL American roots? Welcome and acceptance? Best of luck to you.

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