Text Messages

I’ve had this old LG phone for a while now. I will say no less than 5 years. Apparently, that’s a lot. I’m not aware of these things because technology scares me somewhat.  But I have done it, bit the bullet and I will shortly be joining the rest of you (and civil society) by getting a smart phone.  Before I enter the dark side, I’d like to share with you some choice text messages that will no longer be with us.  I thought they deserved to live on, because they made me smile. These texts were sent to me by various people in my life over the years, and I thought it more entertaining to leave them sans context.
Goodbye, old Phone. I’ll miss you.


>>Gus in jail. It’s real bad.

>>Welcome back! And fuck you.

>>when u have are free?

>>it was a treat seeing you deform last night 🙂

>>You’re my face.

>>This is a high steak situation.

>>burn in hell avi wisnia

>>We just made history. All of this happened because you gave your time, talent and passion to this campaign. All of this happened because of you. Thanks, Barack

>>Hey avi my name is anthony I met you on bleecker st tonight saw your myspace page and wrote to you! I would like to know if you can model socks and feet for me?
>>Pay 100 for 1 hr