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Love Song


“The couple danced to ‘Love Song’ by Avi Wisnia – and that’s when he began feeling the full impact of the wedding”

It is the biggest honor for me to have my music as the soundtrack for anyone’s important moments – and certainly, for a celebration of love.

Congratulations Ron & Bob!!!


New Songs, New Videos


New Songs, New Videos!
3 new songs, performed solo at The New York Songwriters Circle Showcase at The Bitter End NYC

\”It\’s Your Turn / Make Me Cry\” Avi Wisnia Live at the Bitter End NYC

\”Sky Blue Sky\” Avi Wisnia Live at the Bitter End NYC

\”Simple Words\” Avi Wisnia Live at the Bitter End NYC

[filmed by Neil Emond]

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Dispatches From The Road


That’s all folks!

A few thousand miles and maybe just as many kazoo solos later, and I’m headed back home to Philadelphia. Grateful to have seen so many of you this summer, from California to Carolina. One last drive, to perfect my left-arm tan.

Avi Wisnia Left Arm Summer Tour Roadtrip


Dirty & Happy


An entire weekend spent listening to – and making music with – incredible songwriters & songplayers. Thank you to all my folky friends who helped make this an amazing first Falcon Ridge Folk Festival experience. I am sweaty and smelly and dirty and happy.

Pictured Below… (6am) Morning has broken on the final day of Falcon Ridge.
Last musicians standing from the night before. and still jamming.


So Long, West Coast



Here is a grand moment frozen in time, Grand Finale with Bobby Jo Valentine, Shwa Losben, and the band at last night’s show at Hotel Utah. What a great night of music with great ppl.

Special thanks to my awesome West Coast roadies, pimping my wares in style all week long.

One last glorious In-N-Out burger as I fly off into the sunset. So long, California. Thanks for showing a guy a good time. See you again soon!



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