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Japan Tour Part II


finally found Mt Fuji.
I just had to get a little higher.

soundcheck in Gotemba, for the first show in Japan

I make music to connect, always looking for that way in, to know I spoke to someone’s heart and to see it in their eyes “message received”. it’s on a whole other level to be able to transcend language to experience it. even though most in attendance did not know english, it was such joy to have the crowd snap along with Rabbit Hole, sing along with Sky Blue Sky, and to feel the audience soar along with New Year. even more so to see my friend Toru celebrated as a Hometown Hero.

scenes from our concert in Gotemba

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Japan Tour Part I


hello from the future!
(Tokyo is 13 hours ahead of Philadelphia)

I was the only person on my plane to have a sign waiting for them.

on the hunt for Mt Fuji.
Toru lives in the town of Gotemba, which sits in the shadow of nearby Mt Fuji. we drove around Lake Yamanaka trying to find a good view of her, but the clouds were not cooperating. we will keep trying.

but we did find the Denny’s.

one rehearsal in Tokyo.
it’s amazing when you fly half way around the world to make music with people you never met before. and it sounds like you’ve been playing forever.
music transcends all boundaries.
also, this practice space has good lighting.

celebrating a marathon rehearsal at a nearby izakaya with new friends. we let Taka do all the ordering: bbq pork, edamame, sticky potato, mixed vegetables with miso paste, chicken dumplings, chicken livers, udon noodles, horse sashimi,
and sake, and sake, and sake, and sake

Toru and I walked along his family’s rice fields on the way to our first show in Japan. we traded memories of being on tour together in the states: that time we performed at a nudist colony in West Virginia; that time we did Tai Chi waiting to go on stage in Wisconsin; that time we hung out with the Amish at Burger King in Ohio; that time we met The Roots in Oklahoma, and they drove him to the airport. we laughed a lot.
Mt Fuji is clearer now in the distance, but still a bit shy.

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Live in Japan, with Torujazz Trio


We always talked about playing music in Japan.

Toru Takiguchi was one of the first musicians i ever worked with when i started performing in New York City. Over 9 years, we ended up performing all over the country together. I got to introduce him to my hometown and some of my favorite cities. It’s been a few years since he moved back to his homeland.

Time for a reunion.

Avi Wisnia, On Tour in Japan with the Torujazz Trio
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It’s happening…

(September 2018)



On Tour in August!

Roanoke, VA – Fri Aug 10
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Winston-Salem, NC – Sun Aug 12
Mason, OH – Sat Aug 25
Sunbury, PA – Sun Aug 26


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