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Live At Home, Episode 2


I’m playing music for you live, from my house! Grab a drink, get cozy, and enjoy this free concert (while keeping a very healthy social distance) in the luxury of your own home. Tune in from anywhere in the world! Comment, share, and message me during the show.




how we’ll get through


Hi. I hope this finds you safe and healthy wherever you are. With so many of us stuck indoors and separated due to the global pandemic, it is easy to feel more isolated than ever before. But we can all still connect. And music can help us stay connected. I’m going to keep the music coming this year.

I will miss performing for you in places like Cape May NJ and Gilroy CA this year. Like you, I had so many awesome things planned for 2020. While some of those awesomes have been cancelled, there are plenty of other awesomes that have evolved in new and different ways. We still have the internet, and we will get creative! I will still bring the music to you this year, including new songs, new videos, and all the other awesomes I’m excited to share with you.

In addition to my live-stream Live At Home concert series, I will also be presenting some other virtual music experiences via Zoom, Skype and FaceTime. Please reach out if you are interested in a private concert for your group of friends or co-workers, for birthdays and holidays, for seniors, or for hospital/homebound patients. Concerts are donation or fee based, depending on your preference and circumstance. I am also accepting new piano students.

Don’t forget to stay connected during this time! You can always social my media with the Facebook & Twitter & Instagram machines. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for the latest postings. Listen, stream, and download all my music at Bandcamp.

Let’s take care of one another and lean on each other during this time. We’re all we’ve got.

Can’t wait to see you again!


Live At Home


Join me for a concert, live from my house!

tune in live:


Save Artists! Buy Music!


TODAY! in an effort to help artists recoup some money from coronavirus-cancelled gigs and tours, Bandcamp is waiving their fees on all music purchased today. This means artists will keep 100% of the sales. Please consider downloading something – including my song Pass Over, which I think serves as a pretty good song to sing during these times.

pay what you want for any of my music. enjoy & share!



Making Music Magazine Featured Video


My music video “Rabbit Hole” was selected as a feature on Making Music Magazine! Watch the video and check out the other great video features HERE.




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