Avi In Brazil, Pt. 3: Meat Day!

Avi Wisnia eats meat at churrascaria Sao Paulo Brazil
So, Amy Winehouse is in Brazil.  What a follower.  Last night was one of her big comeback dates at a festival in São Paulo.  Just found out!  That would have been amazing, for sure – but not only did it already happen, it was also ridiculously expensive.  And I heard she didn’t play for very long and was pretty sloppy messy.  Poor girl.  Get it together!  Anyway, today was (my own personal) Meat Day!  I love meat, nice juicy slabs of dead cow. Mmmmm.  And at any churrascaria in this country, they just bring you endless amounts.  They only stop when you give them the red light (they actually have green and red cards on the table for you to signal with).  Every kind of cut, from every kind of animal. They give you a map of a cow, so you can see where it comes from.  Let’s see if I can scan that…. Chicken hearts, too. I had one. Yep.  Tastes like chicken. Today’s caipirinha flavor was a Maracujá/Passion Fruit.