Avi In Brazil, Pt. 2: Bem Vindo Party

So, I have family in Brazil! In a roundabout sort of way.  Dan is the brother of my second cousin, once-removed.  I’m not sure what that makes us, but I know it makes us family.  Dan lives here, just outside of São Paulo, with wife Magda and daughter Carolena.  They have lots of cousins and friends that live nearby, and tonight, they threw a little party for me!  Super nice, no?  It gave me a great chance to practice my Portuguese, which is really quite rusty.  But that’s the thing about all the Brazilians I’ve met, they are very encouraging about it.  So even though I speak like a drunk baby, I’m able to have conversations.  I also learned how to make a caipirinha tonight, from Lucas.  A regular caipirinha – no fruit flavor.  Just lime, sugar, ice and cachaça. Apparently one trick is to cut out the white parts of the lime, this makes the caipirinha less sour.  I had several.  I also met Stefany, Magda’s niece, who sings some jazz on the side.  She knows another venue I might be able to play, and some musicians I might be able to play with.  You see, I don’t have a band. I don’t have a keyboard.  I don’t have anything!  I’m just in Brazil, seeing what happens.  But after tonight, I’m pretty optimistic.  I met some wonderful people, and I think some great things are going to happen.

Avi Wisnia, Bem Vindo Welcome Party in Sao Paulo
Bem Vindo Party