Avi In Brazil, Pt. 1: Breakfast

So this is my breakfast.  I figured I would start with that.  I usually don’t.  Which is to say, I usually don’t eat breakfast.  But this morning, I woke up in Santo André (just outside of São Paulo) where I am staying to have some mango juice, toast, Chocotone (bread, with lots of chocolate in it), and fruta do conge.  Fruta do conge is this mushy green thing with little white teeth on the inside.  You suck the white creamy yogurty goo off of the black pearly seeds.  It’s like a pomegranate in that it is a lot of work for not much fruit, but it’s super tasty.  It is also one of the strangest fruits I’ve ever had, and Brazil is full of them (strange fruits, that is…).

Avi Wisnia's Breakfast in Brazil